Sunday, February 22, 2015

Book club was last Wednesday, and here's the bookmarks I made for us:

We read Silver Star by Jeanette Wall (it was an okay book - not one of my favs).

The book mark was quick to make, and turned out pretty nice.  The link to the pattern is here.

We've all been fighting the sickies here.  Alli started it, and it turned into an ear infection on her.  She seems to have recovered, but still has an occasional cough and a runny nose (but that could be allergies too, who knows!)  She gave it to Ralph, and it turned into a sinus infection on him.  He seems to be on the mend from that now too.  Ralph gave it to me, and I got the slightest bout of it.  I lost my voice for a while, and still have the occasional cough - but once again, that could be allergies.  Alex caught it too - he thinks it was from Alli, but by this could be from any of us.  He's trying to get rid of it as soon as he can - he flies out tomorrow to S, Korea again.  He's not looking forward to having a cold on the plane.

Work was surprising slow on Friday, and I took advantage of that - a rare occurrence for me.  I left a little bit early, and went shopping before I picked up Alli.  I joined Curves a couple of weeks ago, and really needed new shoes.  The shoes I had are ratty and falling apart, not to mention there's not much cushion left in them.  (That's what happens when they get washed a few times).  I stopped in at Payless Shoes to see what they had and.....found these:

On sale for $19.00 - black and red plaid heels.  Just too cute to pass up.  I also got a pair of leopard print flats (on sale for $9.00) and a pair of workout shoes (also on sale - $24.00)  At least I did get what I started out for - plus a couple more.

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