Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Alex is back in South Korea again - by the skin of his teeth and the kindness of strangers. We left here at 6:20, for a flight that left at 11:25 - usually plenty of time.  Not so in this case.  Between traffic, not knowing which  lane to pick (I always picked the wrong one), an ambulance required at the toll booth, construction, high winds closing lanes on the bridge, etc., we got to the airport at 10:55.  I dropped Alex off out front and went to park the car (they needed to see my credit card, since it had purchased the ticket - that was a first for me)  I had to park on the 6th floor, and the elevators were running very slowly, so I ran down the steps to the 3rd floor to cross.  (Only one slip on the stairs, but it caused my shoes to slip and cut into my feet - ouch!) and then run through the airport trying to find the ticketing area for Korean Air and/or Alex.

I found Alex first - wandering around waiting for me.  There was no one at the ticketing booth, so he assumed he missed his flight.  Okay - what's next???  Neither of us knew, but.....there was a nice elderly gentleman at the information desk right by us.  I gave him a quick run-down, and he directed us to the very end of the ticketing booth for Korean Air, where, almost hiding in the dark, were 3 Korean Air employees, finishing up paperwork.  They were able to get Alex on the flight!!!!  He landed in Seoul about 1:10 our time - and once again, was not able to sleep on the plane.  Poor baby - he also came down with the community cold before he left, and he feels terrible.  Add that to no sleep, air travel, a foreign country......poor baby!

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