Sunday, December 07, 2014

Trying to fit a third dog into the family has been "interesting" to say the least.  Hema (Hindu for snow) came to us from an ad in the paper - free to a good home - 1 year old shepherd.  I didn't know that Ralph was even thinking about another dog!  Luna (the latest choice of names for her) came to us with none of her shots, un-spayed, and with fleas.  Lovely.  All the dogs got dosed with flea meds Thursday night, and Luna got another bath yesterday.  (She smelled like flea shampoo and was very clean, so I think they gave her a quick bath before Ralph showed up).  Today is low-cost (which is still expensive) vaccination day at the vet's, so Luna and I will be standing in line this morning.

She's an unusual dog in many ways.  She's still a puppy and wants to play - but Koori doesn't think anyone should be playing.  Koo doesn't snap at Luna, but she snaps at Jasper when I get Luna and Jasper playing tug-a-rope together.  Needless to say, that takes all the fun out for Jasper, so she stops playing.  It's been too wet (for me!) to go outside and see if she fetches or plays with a ball, but she loves tug-a-war.  She has a soft mouth, and is pretty gentle.  I'm not too sure about all that white dog fur, and can only imagine what she will look like after she finds a mud puddle!

She's not extremely photogenic,.., she's hard to catch with the cell phone camera (the delay on the camera has her wandering off mid-picture.)  She has beautiful blue eyes that look like they came from a husky.  She has the shepherd ears, and some of her build is shepherd, telling what she really is.  One of our biggest issues is feeding time.  She seems to be a grazer, which doesn't work well with my two gulpers.  That's getting better on both sides now.  We're still working on basic commands as well - sit and stay don't work well, but she's very polite about it. 

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