Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The laptop still works!!!  (Maybe it's a little faster because of the shot of caffeine??)  Whew!  I was a little worried, but not too much, until I couldn't get Skype to boot up last night.  AJ texted me and asked to Skype - unusual.  When I tried to fire up Skype, it kept giving me an error message.  I did a total reboot of the computer, and it fired right up, thank goodness.

AJ wanted to Skype because he did not get the winter job is S. Korea, so he is coming home on December 18th.  Woohoo!!!  I know he was disappointed about not getting the job, but I'm pretty happy he will be coming home for a while.  One problem with him Skyping - we end up talking for a while, and it was already a long night.  

I had invited Margene down for leftovers last night - trying to clean out the frig before the weekend, and....we didn't eat that much in the way of leftovers.  Alli had some leftover meat and potatoes, and then I made fresh fry bread for the rest of us to go with some leftover taco meat and brown beans.  I sent Margene home with leftover soup, too - just to get it out of the frig!  Then, I needed to make a cake for a birthday today at work, and I planned on putting some enchiladas together as well.  That didn't happen - I put them together this morning, along with frosting the cake.  My kitchen is a mess!!!!  Margene was invited back again tonight to try again to get rid of leftovers.

Here's what my yard looked like (for a few minutes - the leaves are still falling) after I finished on Sunday - and a pretty nice shot of the fall leaves, if I do say so myself!

Here's the pile of leaves when I was done - and there are tons more on the trees!  I had over 30 piles of leaves in the front yard when I raked them up.  I chatted with a lot of the neighbors that were out walking as well - it's a great neighborhood!

I started putting my block of the month quilt together on Sunday too.  I was not liking it too much the last few months, but.....I really like how it looks all together!

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