Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, Ralph started complaining that his back hurt and he couldn't sleep in bed, and moved back to his recliner so he could breathe.  Then he started complaining that it hurt to breathe deep.  I finally convinced him (by telling him it might be a blood clot!) to call the doctors's office on Tuesday, and ......his doctor is out for the week, and everyone else was packed with appointments, so he decided to wait.  I convinced him yesterday to go to the walk-in clinic (by telling him that it probably wasn't a blood clot - just pneumonia and they could give him a  shot in his butt and he'd feel better)....and I was right - he has pneumonia in his left lung - but he didn't get a shot,  He's got antibiotics now, and should be feeling better pretty soon - I hope.  He's on Turkey Duty on Saturday!!!!

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