Sunday, November 02, 2014

Finally - enough daylight to see the work done on the solar panels!  But....Ralph had them leave the framework....

I'm not sure what we will do with this area, but it has a nice cement area.  I was thinking that since we have the framework there, I might try some pallet gardens.....I think if I bring in some water, I can get some plants growing back there.  The framework might be just right to lean the pallets against.

Here's the garage without the huge water tanks.  Now I need some shelving to put in.  I'm already missing the hook right outside the door that had my plastic bags hanging on it, so that needs to be replaced too,

Aren't they pretty????

Someone forgot to tell Allison that the time change was this weekend.  We got up at 4:00 a.m.  Since I knew this was going to happen, I went to bed last night at 9:00.  I also took a nap before dinner - rare for me, but I've been running on very little sleep lately.  It never fails - the nights that I stay up just a little bit later are the nights that I have to get up in the middle of with Allison.  Hopefully I've caught up a bit.  And, since baseball season is over, I can go to bed earlier, which means I can get up earlier.  I really need to start getting some exercise in my life - I'm feeling out of shape and fat.  If I can use that as the push I need to get moving......woohoo!

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