Friday, November 21, 2014

Check out my present!!!

Margene got back from Minnesota yesterday, and brought me a present she made herself.  Note that it is a dragon.....This is a hand-etched agate made into a bookmark - very pretty!  Chewie was very happy to see Mom home too.  He did really well here, but....Mom is home!!!

Today is a day off for me - and my to-do is huge.  I may just chuck the list and sew or something though.....and then wish I hadn't later, I'm sure.  thanksgiving is next week!!!  I have the menu set - thanks to the family bringing the sides.  I will just have to do the turkey, potatoes, and stuffing.  Easy!!!  I'm sure I'll do more, but the basics are covered - everything else is 'just because'.

Book club was Wednesday at my place - the book marks went over well.  How ironic that Margene was making the same type for me!  I sent her home with one of mine last night, too.

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