Monday, September 08, 2014

You know you're getting old when you don't bounce back anymore.  Yesterday, Dawn and I went tot he Honey Bee Festival and wandered around.  I bought a couple of scarves.  Then we went shopping for a new chair for Alli's classroom.  Ralph, Alli and I had looked on Saturday, but one of the consignment shops is closed an Saturdays, so Dawn and I went there yesterday.  We found a chair there in really good condition, and then I tripped and fell flat on my face.  Well, not really 'flat' - I barely grazed my chin.  Saved by my boobs, I think.  I asked Dawn as I was brushing myself off if I had dirt on my boobs, and she laughed and said that that was once question she had never had to ask before, but she did usually hit her chin.

I felt okay yesterday - just being careful of the bruising on my left pinky, but this morning.....ouch!  My left wrist (actually, my whole left arm) is very sore - and I found out how much I use it.  My neck is also a bit stiff from keeping my chin off the ground (it is worth it!!)  Here's my pinky ring - and I had to unflatten it a bit to get it off.

Here are the scarves I got at the Festival!

After I brought the chair home and cleaned myself up a bit, I went down to the Dress Barn - they had sent me some coupons, and.....I found several things to follow me home.  A dress, a sweater, a top and a necklace.  All together, with my coupons, just at $80.00.  Not bad, considering the dress was $48.00 and the necklace $20.00 (before my coupons).

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