Saturday, September 27, 2014

I finished the blocks last night for my baby quilt!  Good thing - when I talked to my co-worker, she is actually getting her baby October 7th - I don't the month I thought I did to get this done.  Not that it has to be done when they first get their baby, but.....

I'm liking how it turned out.  I hope to get the rest of it put together today, and then go pick out the backing material tomorrow, but we'll see.

Either the recent rainfall (3 1/2 inches!) triggered some major allergies, or Alli brought us home a cold.  I did pretty good yesterday with a 12 hour decongestant, but I took at at 5:00 am, so at 4:00 pm - I noticed that it wasn't working anymore.  It was a tough week at work already - I was definitely pooped by 5:00 (take-out pizza for dinner!).  I'm taking Dayquil now, and I dosed Alli too - not so much sneezing now from both of us.  Better living through science!

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