Sunday, August 03, 2014

Wow!  Two weeks without a post - my bad!  I had good intentions to post, I just didn't.  I need to either change when I usually post (early mornings) or get earlier so I have time in the early mornings.  I will admit that getting up earlier is the problem - I haven't been sleeping as well as usual, so it's harder to get up when the alarm goes off.  I'm blaming the heat - this is the temperature gauge in my RAV last week when I got off work- 116 degrees!


I thought 'that can't be right, it's just because the car's sitting in the sun.' so I checked the temperature on my phone.

True - it wasn't 116, but it was 109!!!!  (And, I hadn't walked too much that day, with my phone in hand at least - I was no where near my goal of 10,000 steps!)  I don't think it made me feel any better that it was 109, but 'feels like 104'.  It's hot!!!  We had a farewell party for a bookclub member here last night, and we ended up in the pool - it felt so nice!!  Even those that weren't swimming sat around with their feet in the pool.

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