Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thrift store score!!!!  The picture's crooked - sorry! - but here's a quilt rack that I picked up at Salvation Army yesterday for $14.25.

It isn't as large (or nearly as pretty) as the one Dad made for me, but it is solid wood, and a simple design.  I'm thinking I'll put some afghans on it in Alli's room.  I'm not sure where yet.  I may take out a tub of toys (that she doesn't play with anyway).  

With Alex moving out (temporarily, at least) I've been thinking about some redecorating of the bedrooms.  I think it's time to start shopping for new furniture for my room, and painting all the bedrooms and hallway, replacing the carpet that was left in AJ's and my bedroom with laminate.  First....the bedroom furniture.  Any one want to go furniture shopping with me?

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