Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I finally heard from AJ at 5:00 p.m. yesterday - and that was through FaceBook.  It turns out that staying up all night before he flew out so he could sleep on the plane didn't work too well for him - he didn't sleep much at all.  So he landed in a foreign country after being awake for close to 48 hours and after being on the plane for somewhere around 15 hours (it was a 13 hour flight, and they were delayed for over an hour on the tarmac leaving), and....everyone else was in a hurry once he did land because his plane was late.  He lived through it all, ate his first Korean food (and liked it!) and got some sleep before he texted me.  The college is an hour south of Seoul - Soonchunhyang University in the city of Asan, so he had another trip after getting off the plane, and then getting settled in the dorms.  I'm betting he didn't even get his bed made (he had to purchase his bedding after he got there too) before he was asleep.

Rufus (and I'm sure it was Rufus!) tried to set the house on fire yesterday morning too.  I was brushing my teeth yesterday around 7:00, and heard something odd, and went to check, and walked into the hallway full of smoke.  I yelled at Ralph to get up - we had a fire.  He jumped up and grabbed the fire extinguisher, asking where....?  By this time, I had made it into the dining room, and saw our big extension cord sparking on the floor.  What????  I unplugged it from the wall, and checked - 'someone' had peed on the floor in the dining room, and there was evidently a hole in the cover of the extension cord.  Lovely!  No damage to the floor from the fire - I think the pee kept putting out the flames, but there was water damage to the floor.  I hope Rufus got the shock of his life!!  (And sometime later in the morning, I realized that I didn't really finish brushing my teeth!)

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