Wednesday, July 09, 2014

How's this for red, white, and blue?

I think I like it!  I checked with Meredith for ideas about the book to turn into a bookmark (since she chose the book, and I haven't finished it) and showed her this - she liked it too, so....this is probably it.  We may be having book club here so we can swim - if the weather is still HOT!!!!  Since forecast (on my phone) is for 107 next Wednesday, I think I'd better be cleaning up the patio.  Randa is coming today to clean the house, so that means I'll need to clean the house too - bummer!  I really like it when book club falls on the same day that Randa comes.

I managed to get most of the quilt blocks done yesterday.  I cut out the material (that takes almost as long as sewing!) and got the inside blocks done - now to do the edgings.  Every block has the same pattern edging - and I have to admit it is getting old.  I like making each inside block - they are all different, but not the repeated edge.

AJ and I are off to Lassen today.  We also have to run in to town, drop Alli off at Sandy's, and drop AJ's Visa application off at FedEx.  I think that is the last of his 'paperwork' that he needs, but....we'll see.  I also want to put the stacker toy in the mail today - I have it in a box and all sealed up - that project is almost done!!!!

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