Friday, July 04, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!!!!  Not just a three day weekend for me - I have next week off for vacation as well - Lucky me!

We are headed over to Larry and Pat's today for a BBQ - that's about all the excitement we will have for the 4th this year.  I do need to run into town and do some food shopping - I'm heading to Susanville tomorrow, so I need some supplies for the guys while I'm gone.  Other plans for the week - I want to go to Shasta Caverns, kayak at Whiskeytown, and picnic up at Lassen with AJ - touristy things to do around here before he leaves for college (in about 7 weeks!)

I was getting my present for Elora packed up, broke.

I worried that the grass was attached to the bottom of the tree, and I would have to make the entire thing over.  I couldn't find where I had sewn them together, so I ended up cutting the bottom out and unraveling what I could.  Luckily, the grass was added to the tree, not to the 'base' (which is what the instructions called for, but, knowing me, I had put it together wrong!)  I was able to get a new base made and out back together - just in time for the holiday weekend.  It won't get shipped until Monday now.

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