Thursday, April 03, 2014

AJ's team ended up winning the game on Tuesday - barely.  They were ahead by 5, then down by 4 (that was a really bad inning), and won 13-12.  AJ got one good hit, one mediocre hit, and struck out once.  All in all, a good game for him.  It was good to see him playing.  He's still not real comfortable with the other team members, and spends most of his time off the field with me, but.....a lot of the players sit in the stands with their families,'s all good.  He's looking forward to moving to Korea.....I'm not sure I am, but, he is.

Tonight is the Bank's buyout of the play "Doubt: a Parable".  Malorie from book club (and in my department at work) is in it, and the bank 'bought out' the theater - all 92 seats.  We then turned around and sold the tickets at a reduced cost ($5.00 off the normal price), with all proceeds benefitting ACCA - the food shelf in Anderson.  It's a win/win - the local theater gets money and another night to perform, and the local food shelf will get between $700.00 and $800.00.  I think we have sold between 70-75 tickets, and Alli's daycare providers are going to go, so there are two more!  We are also doing a 50/50 raffle during intermission, with the funds going to ACCA, and the theater sells wine/beer/sodas before the show and during intermission.  The only down side - I got roped into "helping". I will be on the door taking tickets at 6:30.  I already delegated the 50/50 raffle to two other people in book club, and I talked Dawn into helping at the door - I'm a good delegator!

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