Sunday, March 02, 2014

No update on Ralph - he hasn't even been able to do his weekly blood tests.  He went in Friday morning, and they couldn't get any blood out of him (not enough fluids and too cold)  They told him to come back on Saturday, drink more water on the way in, and to warm his hands up while he was waiting in the lobby.  He got there Saturday, and they couldn't find his paperwork.  So - no new blood tests for him! He is keeping his feet up more, which he says helps them feel better.  

AJ and I put him to work yesterday, too,  It was supposed to be just a consultation, but he stepped in instead.  AJ and I were putting up the blinds (that I bought in December!) up in his room, and were having a problem with the flashing behind the wall.  We asked him if he knew - from his experience with construction - where the flashing would probably end.  he ended up getting the screw in for us.  It was the first screw that we tried, and took forever to get started!  We are supposed to get the other two blinds up today,and they should go a lot faster than that set.  We now have all the equipment located (which is a challenge in my garage, let me tell you!) and charged up (also a challenge!) and we don't have to read the directions 6 times.....I hope.

And guess what I got in the mail yesterday....13 balls of thread in many different colors.  Herrschners was having a sale - the balls were $1.97 instead of their normal $4.97, so even with shipping costs, they were affordable.  But....I actually started a yarn project yesterday, so I won't be playing with these much yet. Most of these are not what I would think of a 'doily colors' anyway - they are more for my bookmarks and other odds and ends that I do.  Some may make it into a doily - we'll see.

Here's the project I started - not that I got very far.  The major time commitment yesterday was just rounding up all the yarn that I needed.  I went to three different stores (good thing I left Alli home with Dad!) to get the 'right' colors, and I'm still one skein short (according to the directions) for the green leaves on the tree.  The pattern calls for 8 oz of yarn, and Walmart only had one skein of 7 oz. yarn.  Hopefully they will get a new order in before I finish the project.  My hope is to get it done for Elora by her birthday in June.  We'll see!

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