Monday, March 10, 2014

I finished the inside of the quilt blocks for this month!  I'm very happy with them - and it took a while for me to finally say that!  The outsides will take me another day to do, so maybe next weekend, I'll have the blocks finished.  Then - back to quilting the big quilt.  This has been a fun quilt so far - each block is different.  I can see taking some of the blocks and making a quilt with just one block.  (I love the lower left one!)  Maybe the next 'baby item' I make will be a baby quilt with just one of the blocks......we'll see!

I swear I did more ripping than sewing this time - mostly all operator error.  I do still have a problem with the tension on my machine.  It was out of whack when I started trying to do the top stitching on my last quilt, and it took me a while to get it dialed in.  I think I have it figured works best with the top tension on 2 for regular sewing, and on 8 for multiple layers.  Go figure!  The rest of the time, it was my issue with reading directions and paying attention to what I was doing.  (i.e. when you are trimming the second part of a flying goose, make sure it is the second part that you trim, not the first part!)  I made several errors like that - all from thinking I knew what I was doing and not paying enough attention.

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