Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Woohoo!  What I did on my day off today:

This is the quilt that I started in September - and got the last of the fabric in December.  It took me a while, but....I finished it!  This one has so many placement mistakes that I don't think you can tell that there was supposed to be any order to the blocks.  I think that must be a good thing - it doesn't look too bad.  I won't try to have it professionally quilted though - I'll save that for a 'good' quilt.  Ronna was able to take my mediocre quilt and make it look fabulous, but no need to waste that much effort on one that doesn't even start out as mediocre.  My points are better, and I really did learn a lot on this one.

My other project this weekend was to design a bookmark for book club this month.  We are reading the Divergent Series, and I knew I wanted to try to duplicate the symbol on the fronr of the book.  Here;s the book:

And here's my first attempt - trying for the 'fuzzy' edges of the fire.  Not too pretty good.

And here's my second attempt - much better!!!

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