Sunday, February 16, 2014

We had a windy, windy day yesterday.  High winds blew more branches down out front (and AJ had just picked them up)  Then last night, it decided to rain - and rain it did!  We got almost half an inch of rain in a very short time.  This morning, it was clear and sunny!  I was fixing Alli's breakfast this morning, and noticed the sun shining on my begonia in the window,  I don't think this quite captures it, but it was so pretty!

Then, I noticed that it was blooming too!!!

My camellias are blooming too - at least the first of them.  My bushes bloom at different times, so I have flowers for a long time.  This is out my bedroom window.  Picot followed me in, and then back out and into the kitchen.

Where she then sat on the table and watched the birds out on the feeder.  The tip of her tail is flipping around.  (And she didn't help me fold the clothes, either!)

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