Sunday, February 09, 2014

Some of my recent projects:

I finally made a doily.  it's been a long time, but....I finished one yesterday.  This is a smaller textured doily - hard to tell from the picture, but it was fun to make.  (It's also a dark red....not the best photo)

These are the bookmarks for book club this month.  We read Rebecca - not my favorite, but since it was technically a romance, and we are meeting right before Valentine's Day, they get hearts.

I also whipped up a little heart hat for Elora

This morning, since Alli and I were the only ones moving around much, I got quite a bit of quilting in.  Here's what I started with this month...

What the finished blocks will look like

The larger pieces of material cut up into smaller pieces....

The insides of the blocks are done.  

Not too bad for a rainy Sunday!

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