Thursday, February 20, 2014

No word on what's wrong with Ralph yet.  He had a sonogram on the blood flow in his liver on Tuesday and an Echo-Cardiogram on Wednesday.  The nurse called last night, and his heart looked fine in the EKG.  She hadn't heard on the sonogram, and was going to call (Ralph had moved his original appointment - she hadn't realized he had had the test yet).  The doctor is going to start the process of referring him to a kidney specialist now - assuming the liver looks good too.  All we are doing now is ruling things out, not finding out what is wrong (though that is always a possibility - they just have to do the right test, I'm sure!)  Ralph always has been difficult!

Alex and I went for a walk Tuesday afternoon - before I picked up Alli.  They have closed off the 'dirt area' where we usually walk the dogs, long walks with the dogs running free.  I don't blame the owners of the property - too much junk was being dumped there, and too many people came out to go mudding there.  The roads have been torn up more recently than I remember in the past.  Alex and I have been looking for a new place to let the dogs run within walking distance.  So far, no luck, but....we are exploring more with the dogs, so they are happy.  This is the bridge over Meadowview just before you get to Granada.  There was one lone daffodil blooming out in the field.  I think my cell phone has a great camera - these came straight from the phone.  They could use a little editing, I'm sure, but.....not too bad for a phone!

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