Wednesday, December 25, 2013

V-Stitch Infinity Scarf/Cowl Instructions

For those of you that don't crochet - skip this post.  I wrote out instructions for my scarves that I made for a friend, and took pictures as I went along so she can see how to make one.  

V-Stitch Infinity Scarf (or cowl) instructions

Base Row:  Chain a length a little bit longer than you want the scarf.  I chained 130, and it was about 30 inches long.  When I finished the scarf, it was about 25 inches around (which is a fairly snug cowl).  The number of chains you start with will vary, depending on the yarn that you have.

Slip stitch in first chain, forming a circle, being careful not to twist the stitches too much.  (Some twisting is okay – this row will be in the middle of your scarf, and no one will know if the chains are off a bit.)

Row 1:    Chain 4 (stands for a double crochet, chain 1) and double crochet in the same chain – the one that you slipstitched in to join.  Skip the next 3 chains, and in the 4th chain, work ‘double crochet, chain 1, double crochet’ (a V-Stitch).  Skip next three chains, and work a V-Stitch in the 4th chain – do this all the way across.  Don't worry that you are skipping exactly the right number of chains - if you can't tell, no one else can either.  This row will be in the middle of your cowl, so no one will notice a few errors.

When you come to the end, make sure you have the row straight, and then turn the end upside down – this forms the ‘infinity loop’.  Work a V-Stitch in the bottom of the V-Stitch on the first row all around.  Join with a slip stitch in the 3rd chain of the chain 4.  Your first row will have a V-Stitch on each side of your original chain.

Row 2:  Slip stitch in the next chain 1 space.  Chain 4, double crochet in same chain-1 space.  Make V-Stitch in next chain-1 space around, and join with slip stitch in 3rd chain of the starting chain 4.  Continue as many rows as you want (or until you run out of yarn).  Join with a slip stitch in the 3rd chain of the chain 4, and fasten off.


Kandis said...

Thank you Deni :)

Deni J. said...

You're welcome - I hope it helps!