Monday, December 09, 2013

Since Saturday was a 'snow day' - i.e. I didn't go shopping because of the snow, I finished the little baby reindeer hat I had started for Elora.  It turned out so cute!!!  I found a shiny red button that almost glows for the nose - perfect!  The pattern is easy enough to make, and is found here.

Ronna and Joe stopped by for a quick visit with us this weekend.  They were actually in Redding to visit with Joe's sons - one of whom they hadn't seen in a while, not to mention baby Allison (2 1/2 months old now!) and crashed in the guest house overnight.  We were able to catch up a bit Sunday morning.  Since I had just seen them the week before for Thanksgiving, it wasn't like we hadn't talked lately.  They are also going to be up at Mom's next weekend for David's installation.  We will have had more family get-togethers than usual this year!

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