Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy anniversary to us!  26 years ago, Ralph and I got married in the Honolulu Botanical Gardens in Hawaii.  I need to dig up some old pictures and scan them (I probably have before, but....I don't remember, and it's always fun to see them again.)  It doesn't seem like it's been that long......

AJ got his Christmas present yesterday - the last part of his computer.  He and a couple of friends set it up last night, and now - I have almost no Internet connection.  I keep trying so we will see if I can get this posted.

Boy, time flies when you're having fun - or getting ready for Christmas....whatever!  Here it is, Saturday already, and my vacation is almost over.  I am as ready for Christmas as I will be - just grocery shopping left now.   I didn't take as many pictures of my projects as I should have, but - I did finally get pictures of my last quilt.  I did the quilt top, and my sister did the quilting.  She did such an awesome job - it makes my mediocre quilt look fabulous!

Here are some shots from Dave's Installation.  He sure looks like my Dad!

Here he is all serious.....

And here is the brother I know.....

A quick shot of AJ

And Alli enjoying herself at Grandma's.  We hadn't used our stove much this year (we've been using the gas heat since Ralph's surgery - more consistent heat throughout the house for him) so she really enjoyed Mom's fire.

And - Mom's new kitten, BK.  She didn't actually interact much with him, but the kitten seemed to like her.

I did take picutres of the bookworm bookmarks I made for Book Club.  We ready The Eyre Affair - a very odd book.  The bookworms turned out cute though!

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