Sunday, December 29, 2013

Be careful with those after Christmas sales!  I bought a couple of Amaryllis bulbs yesterday - on sale - and when I got home to plant them, they were half grown!  I hope they will still be able to grow (and turn green - they look a little pale!)  I guess that is what happens when it is nice an warm down here.  The bulbs were in the outdoor garden area of Wal-Mart, was 70 degrees here yesterday.  They must have thought it was Spring already!  If they do okay, they should be pretty - one is the red with white center (the one shown below) and the other one is white with a pink center.

Since I was in the garden center (shopping for a retirement gift for someone that likes to garden - no luck for her, though) I found a beautiful palm tree that will be prefect for my new office.  It was $15, and nice and full, and about 4 feet high, and not even on sale!  I hope I can keep it alive - I have a tendency to kill plants through neglect.

The bank has a profit sharing plan for the employees,and usually, we find out mid-December how much we are getting.  I got notice of what was going to my employees while I was on vacation, so I dropped off little notes for each of them, thanking them for their hard work, etc.  Funny thing - I never heard anything from my boss about mine.  He even took me out to lunch to talk about 'stuff' (he is leaving the bank) and it wasn't mentioned.  Bummer!  Oh well - I guess you can't plan on it - it is completely arbitrary, as far as I can tell.  I did plan on meeting with him to ask what I did that made everyone angry, so I wouldn't do it next year!  

Then, I got a call from Payroll - I hadn't filled out the required form for my profit sharing.  Does that mean I got some????  The head of Payroll and I laughed - communication is such a big problem at the bank!  She told me what I was getting so I could fill out the paperwork - woohoo!  So....I sent Ralph and AJ to Costco yesterday to upgrade our phones.  Ralph and I now have Android Galaxy S4's, and AJ has an Android Note something or other.  (Hey - I'm luck to remember what mine is!)  That is all the fun stuff I get to do with my bonus.  The rest is to be set aside for 'legal fees'.  (We  need to set up stuff for Allison this year.  She will be 17, and it's time to get started - before she turns 18 and is a 'legal adult'.)  Now, Ralph and I are struggling with the new phones.  Thank goodness for Google!

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