Monday, November 18, 2013

I'll be glad (for multiple reasons!) when Ralph is back to normal.  I don't like doing his chores and mine!  Yesterday, I had the joy of cleaning the gutters out - before it starts to rain.  According to, it is supposed to rain tonight, so I am just in time.  AJ mowed the lawn while I cleaned out gutters, so the leaves are mulched.  At least the ones that have fallen in the yard.  I think most of the leaves are still on the tree.  AJ and I were discussing ways to shake them all off the tree at once, so we could be done, but....they are still up there, just waiting until we finish raking/mulching, etc. to fall.  I also need to get the ones that are in the flower beds out, but that will be another weekend.

I also took stock of where I was for Christmas.  I've started my list of snowflake recipients, took a look at what snowflakes and gloves I had left from last year, and my stock of completed cowls and scarves.  Not too bad!  I have a ton of things to make, don't get me wrong, but...I have a running start this year, I think.  In doing this, I also re-organized my yarn boxes, and brought in what I will need for gloves and scarves. and stacked the boxes in the living room,  Now, I have no excuses!!

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