Sunday, November 03, 2013

Halloween pictures, Ralph update

Ralph was moved from ICU late yesterday afternoon - which is good and bad.  Good because he is improving, bad because he had his own personal nurse (almost) and was hooked up to all sorts of electronics that they don't have on the regular ward.  He is still under some pretty heavy paid meds (morphine epidural) so is still dazed and confused.  He is much more alert, but still easily confused.  He called me quite early this morning because he work up and didn't know where he was (he knew he was at Mercy, but didn't know where he was in Mercy.)  He was afraid he was in charge of watching Allison, and didn't know where he was, or where she was.  I promised him that he wouldn't be in charge of watching Alli for quite a while, so no need to worry.  Poor guy!

I did finally get a name for Ralph's procedure written down so I could copy it.  He had a Thoracoscopic Pleurodesis and a Thoracotomy.

I uploaded some pictures of Halloween this morning,  Here is the pose that the judges would have seen Trust me - no one was wearing their high heels (except Jackie) unless the judges were looking!

And we had a visitor while I was there - Mal's husband dropped by for lunch:

I can't remember if I posted pictures of these cowls or not - so, since I was taking pictures, I included them (again, possibly!)

This is a scarf I finished at Mercy:

And these are some that I did at Mercy - I think these were ones that I did the first day he was there.  I've made quite a few infinity scarves since then - easy to do, and go together pretty quickly.  I do think everyone is getting scarves for Christmas!

I did have some help (of course!) taking the pictures.  Her tail is in the picture just above, as well.

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