Thursday, October 17, 2013

The weekend trip to Crescent City was beautiful and fun.  The weather was some of the best I've seen there - temps were in the low 60's, minimal wind and lots of sunshine.  The beauty started on the drive - the trees are turning colors in the canyon.  These were taken at the rest stop by the Highway 3 connection.

We stayed at the Quality Inn in Crescent City - which is right by the marina.  I usually try to walk over there and take a look at the boats, but....there weren't that many this year.  They are repairing the marina that was destroyed in the tsunami, so most of the slips are under repair.

But Alli enjoyed the walk after the confines of the car.

Some California Poppies were blooming there too.

Some empty crab pots stacked by the side.

We stopped in the Arcata area for lunch on the way over, and then Mom and I snacked on crackers and cheese on the way over, so we decided to skip dinner - just have some more snacks.  Alli wasn't quite as impressed with that dinner decision, so she got McDonald's - twice in one day!  Talk about a happy camper!

The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel, and since we were having plumbing problems in the room, we took out a little after 9:00 so they could clean the room and fix the toilet.  We went to one of my favorite over-looks - close to the Gastineau's house, and an area that we always played when we visited when I was a kid.  Looking to the south, you can see the lighthouse.  Looking to the north, you can see Goat Island.  There is a road down to the rocks from there, and we spent a lot of hours looking at sea urchins and hermit crabs when I was little.  High tide was at 8:50 that morning, so we didn't try to go down on rocks - too much water.  

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