Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So much for the best laid plans.  Mom, Alli, and I went to Crescent City for the weekend, and I figured I'd relax and update the blog a bit while we were gone.  Didn't happen, as you can tell.  Instead, Alli used my laptop the entire time we were in the hotel room, watching her Pokemon movies.  No time for me to type on it.  I was so tired at night, I was ready to go to bed when she did (she stayed up later than normal the first night - probably just the novelty of the hotel room) so I didn't blog at night while she was sleeping either.  Oh well - I can catch up now.  I still have a couple of days off.  I go back to work on Friday.

Sunday morning before we left, I got up to an unusual sight:

"Someone" knocked the top of the blinds off above the couch.  It only broke one plant stem off, thank goodness.  I was already planning on ordering new blinds, but....I wasn't quite ready yet!  I had to be careful taking the pictures - with the sun shining through, you could see how dirty the window is!

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