Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Since Ralph's having surgery on Halloween, it stepped up my time table a bit for getting things ready at work for Halloween.  My department is dressing up and decorating with the theme of "Diva Construction" (appropriate since we are living in a construction zone at work!!).  I won't be dressing up, since I'll be at the hospital, but I will be going by for photos!!!  I still have to go pull out construction prop stuff from the shop and garage to take in today - it was on my list to do, but....didn't happen last night!  (I messed with my boss yesterday - a newly married gentleman - when I made the statement that since Ralph was either sick or in the hospital, he wouldn't notice that I painted all his tools pink.  The look on his face - sacrilege!!!!)  I did get a batch of sugar cookies baked last night for Alli's class today, and I finished crocheting the last cup cover (I ran out of yarn with half of one to go!) and put the buttons and faces on them, and then put them together with the treat bags for work.  I think they turned out cute!!!

Ralph is checking in at the hospital today around 8:30.  There, they will put a drain in his lung, and he will stay there overnight.  He went in yesterday for his pre-op appointment, and everything was messed up, as usual.  They didn't have him scheduled for the drain at all, but wanted to do a CAT scan instead.  Not what he was looking for.  Right now, his surgery is scheduled for 10:30 Thursday morning, and is scheduled to last at least 2 hours.  I know how things can change at a hospital, so....we shall see!  I'm taking a couple of crochet projects along, as well as a book, and the trusty Kindle!

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