Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ralph is scheduled for surgery on Thursday!  The good news - it looks like they will do a procedure, and it should 'fix' his lung.  Most likely, they will be able to remove the fluid and make a couple of small incisions to scope out his lung, and put in a "slurry" of talc powder that will adhere the lining together, and adhere the lung to his ribs, so it doesn't collapse again.  It is possible that his lung has formed a membrane where the fluid has been building, in which case......they will have to do a larger incision and remove the membrane before they can glue his lung together (the membrane wouldn't let the lung expand fully - so it would have to go!)  He goes in today for pre-op, and then they want him there early Wednesday morning to put in a drain for the fluid.  He will stay overnight, and has the surgery on Thursday.  It's gong to be a long day on Wednesday - just hanging around, being a drip!  I need to load up the Kindle with some books for him - that might help pass the time.

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