Saturday, October 19, 2013

Even after all these years of visiting Crescent City (and Mom living there) we went to a new place this last trip.  We were driving out to the trees, and I was driving along the coast as much as I could (I love the coast!) through town, and had the option of going out to Point St. George's, so....we took it.  I've heard about the lighthouse, but it is miles off shore, so I didn't know what to expect.  What I found was beautiful!  

The view from the parking lot was enchanting - a peak at the ocean between rolling hills, and a ship!  (It was perfectly centered when I saw it - but the time I got the camera out, etc. it is a bit off center).

There is a (relatively) nice, smooth path between the hills - and Alli was ready to go.  She took off ahead of us, and kept checking back to make sure we were following.  The view:

We stayed up above the beach - it was still close to high tide, and there is a nice band of rocks to walk over to get to the beach - not something I wanted to try with Alli at the time.

I had to put in this series of photos - I wanted to get a 'posed' shot of Mom and Alli.  This is how well it didn't work.  Think it is a bit obvious that Mom is trying to hold Alli still??

We spent some time watching the birds in the waves as well.  There's a little black bird in the center-right of the photo.

And some shots of Alli having fun.  She was having so much fun messing with me!  She was spinning and walking in circles the whole time.  Since we were actually on a small bluff with a nice drop to the beach below us, she made me just a bit nervous, and she could tell.

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