Thursday, October 24, 2013

Alex sent me a text last night, saying he would be home late-ish.  Since it was already after 6:00, I thought "cool - he won't be in for dinner, so I can just do leftovers", since I had a hair appointment after work, and hadn't even made it home yet myself.  Alex came in after 9:00 last night, and said something along the lines of "Know why we were out so late?"  Of course, I had no idea, and he said "We were getting tattoos!"  Me: "Who is 'we', and what did you get?"  Alex:  "Want to see?"  He walked over and pulled up his shirt and said ............ "Nothing!"

He had gone in with his friends Jeff and Sean for Jeff to get a tattoo.He said it turned out better than he thought it would, and he had thought it would be good - the artist had really done a good job.  He thinks he may want to get one, but first he would have to decide on something he would want for the rest of his life - nothing "lame".  All I asked is that he think about it for a while - I didn't want an impulsive "Tinkerbell" tattoo or something.   He promised that if he did, it would be a 'good one'.  Sigh.

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