Monday, August 05, 2013

Ripe Wheat doily, cross bookmarks, vegan BBQ

A major accomplishment - for me at least....I've been working on this doily since March, but just couldn't get it finished.  I don't have anything large enough to block it on, so I just ironed it, and it is 26 inches across - which means it would be larger if I could block it out.  I really like the pattern in it, and I'm really glad I finally finished it!

I have two (or is it three?) babies to make things for, so I will probably be focused on baby things for a while.

I found a photo of the bookmarks I made for our book club.  I had taken some photos before, but this shows all the colors that I made them in.

I had a very nice dinner last night with Kandis, her husband and, or course, Elora.  Elora was the recipient of the baby dragon afghan.  She is almost 6 weeks old now, and was a perfect angel last night.  Kandis and Steven are vegan, so I tried out new recipes last night.  I made a potato salad with no mayonaise, and it was pretty yummy.  The base recipe is here.  I did read the comments, and followed them - doubling the potatoes and not the rest of the ingredients.  We also BBQ'ed some portabello mushrooms (and had some veggie burgers too, just in case the mushrooms didn't turn out!)  The recipe I used is here.  I followed this recipe just as it is - a minor miracle!  I also made a strawberry sorbet for dessert.  It was a fun evening, and Kandis said it was so nice to get out and about - she even out on makeup!    Here's Elora, snuggled up on me after dinner:

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