Monday, August 19, 2013

Mt Lassen trip

Today is Alli's first day of her Junior year of high school - I can't believe it!  She's all decked out in a new shirt and shorts and looks so cute.  Since the bus is picking her up at 6:30, there isn't a big change for her wake-up schedule - she's already been getting up at 5:30 or so all summer.

We had a good trip to Susanville.  We took the long way round - through Lassen Park.  Here's Alli rockin' out on the way out of town.  She sure loves the music!!!

Then, we got stuck in road construction - both on 44 and on 89 through the park.  (Luckily, we breezed through the construction on 36!)

At least we had a pretty view while waiting!

Here's a view from one of the turn-outs at the Park.

And Alli waiting patiently for me to finish taking pictures.

Then, we stopped for a quick snack at Lake Helen - my favorite lake!!!

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