Friday, August 16, 2013

It's Friday, and I have the day off!  I was looking forward to sleeping in on the last weekday before school starts, but.....the best laid plans!  I didn't get in from work until after 8:00 - nail appointment and grocery shopping.  By the time I got the groceries put away, something to eat, Allison put to bed, started a load of laundry, etc.,  I was ready for bed myself!

AJ had two friends over, so every time one of them moved around after I went to bed, it work me up, and when Ralph got up to go to the bathroom, it woke me up.  When Dallas left, it woke me up.  When AJ went outside to the guest house to sleep, it woke me up.  Then, at 1:30 this morning, one of the cats started meowing.  Loudly.  Incessantly. Piteously.  After a few minutes, I tried to analyse it.  Do they sound hurt?  No.  Do they sound like they are stuck?  No.  What's the problem?  I got up to find out, and about squished Rufus, he was sleeping right beside me.  So, it wasn't him.  (Not that I thought it was - he is much too quiet and regal to be doing this at 1:30 a.m.!)  I can't find Indy, I can only find Picot, and she won't come near me, so I wonder what has her spooked.  At least if it was her, she was quiet now!  I started looking to see if Indy was stuck somewhere, but all the bedroom doors were open, so that wasn't it.  He wasn't in a closet.  Finally, he came out from wherever he was, blinking and yawning (a lot like me!) so it wasn't him.  It must have been Picot - and I still don't know what her problem was, but at least it stopped!  Back to bed I go, thank goodness!

With all the comings and goings, I was tired enough that I missed hearing Allison get up at 4:00.  Bless her heart, she got up and toileted herself and went back to bed.  I heard her get back into bed and went to check on her, and.....she had toileted herself, but........she had a poopy diaper and now, was a mess. So was her bed.  Sigh.  After getting her cleaned up, her bed stripped and laundry started, back to bed I go.  To get up 30 minutes later when Alli decided that 5:00 WAS time to get up (and needed another diaper change).  Coffee!!!!  I need coffee!!!!

That being said, it is still a day off!  Work has been very stressful lately, and it is nice to have a long weekend.  I'm running up to Susanville today, and I think I going to take the long way up - through Lassen Park.  I haven't been through this year, and it is a beautiful drive.  Maybe Alli and I will even stop to take in some of the sights.

We did hear from transportation for Alli for next year.  They will be picking her up at 6:27 in the morning and dropping her off at 3:40 at daycare.  That is just about a one-hour ride each time, which is wonderful!  The only down side - I had planned on using the time between what I thought her pickup would be (around 6:00) and when I had to get ready for work (6:30) to walk, write, read, something!  Now, not so much.  I guess I will just have to get myself up early and do it before she gets up.  Self-discipline - not my strong point!

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