Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yesterday morning, no one was up by Alli and i for quite a while.  I didn't want to start making a bunch of noise and wake everyone up, so once I was done with the quiet things I wanted to do, I sat outside on the patio and drank my coffee (and had a snack, too!)  The hummingbirds were going crazy out there!  I took a ton of pictures, and got one good photo out of the bunch.  This is one of my 'friends' (they are only my friend as long as the feeder has food - after that is gone, watch out!!)

I finished up a pair of baby booties - going to the niece of a co-worker.  I have the baby bunting/cocoon done except for putting the buttons on, a matching hat, and I'm crocheting around the edge of a couple of receiving blankets.

The next book club meeting is coming up soon - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  I finished the book last week, and have been pondering what to make for a bookmark.  I've done a tree before for one book - but it was a brown gnarly tree with no leaves, so I thought about trying for a nice green leafed tree, of the things mentioned constantly in the book is pennies - the cost of everything in pennies, the things they do for pennies, etc.  One Christmas present was 10 shiny, newly minted pennies (1917, I believe!) so, I am doing a lucky penny holder for everyone.  I need to find a few more 2013 pennies, but I have enough to start with at least!

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