Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wow - did I take a sabbatical from posting or what???  I have no idea why, but I haven't posted in almost two weeks - I think I need to work on my time management!  Maybe one reason is that I didn't have much to say?  I think it is more that I didn't take the time (Lord knows that I never have nothing to say!).  Allison's summer school ended 7/3, and since then, I don't HAVE to get up early - I just need to get up in time to get us both at the right place by 8:00.  (Which is in reality there by 7:00 to 7:30, depending on the day - I've been going in early to work.)  It isn't even like I'm sleeping in - I'm just not as motivated to have something done by a certain time - you would think that would mean I had more time for posting, not less, right?

Mom came down for a visit last week - I took Monday and Tuesday off and we spent most of Monday shopping.  I got a couple of dresses (50% off at the Dress Barn for one, 70% off for the other - score!) and a few other odds and ends I was looking for.  My usual weekend shopping is Walmart and the grocery store, and believe it or not, there are more places to shop than that!!  On Tuesday, after Mom left, AJ and I cleaned up the front yard a bit.  He mowed and we pulled out some overgrowth in the flower garden.  It looks ever so much better!  (Now, to remember to water the flowers!)

I also went in Monday with Ralph for his heart test - a sonar test on his heart.  Unfortunately, we still haven't heard anything back on it.  The test was Monday afternoon, and the results were going "to his doctor".  Late Tuesday afternoon, Ralph called his regular doctor, Dr. Short, to see if he had the results, or if they were going to the doctor that ordered the test (Short was on vacation when Ralph went in, so he had seen someone else in the practice).  Dr. Short doesn't work Wednesdays, so no answer, and when we hadn't heard anything by Friday, I called.  I got a quick call back - Dr. Short hadn't seen the results, so his office called and they were being faxed over.  He would schedule an appointment when he had had a chance to review the results.  So....probably on Monday, I'll be calling to see when they want to schedule him.  What a pain!!  Ralph is feeling better, but still not feeling good, so I know it would be a huge relief for him (and me!) to have an answer.

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