Saturday, July 06, 2013

Cool morning

Finally it is cool enough to sit on the patio with a cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy it!  (and, I have the time this morning - I'm usually missing that, too.)  According to, it is 67 out here, and it is beautiful!  I had a hummingbird come take a bath in the fountain - I think they are enjoying the cooler weather too.   Alli slept in a little bit this morning, and we are enjoying a nice lazy (so far) Saturday.

I went with Ralph to his doctor's appointment yesterday, and.....still no true diagnosis.  Ralph's regular doctor is on vacation, so we saw one of the other doctors in the practice, and he thinks it may be cardiomyopathy - a weakened heart, rather than congestive heart failure.  He will need to see a cardiologist for the determination, and....Dr. Mendelssohn's (Ralph's cardiologist) office was closed on Friday.  He should be seeing him in the next week or so for more tests.  In the mean time, the treatment is the same for either - treating the symptoms - diuretics to get rid of the fluid in the lungs.  He said he is feeling some better, but not much yet.  He still isn't moving around much before he gets winded.  Neither of the options are good - no cure for either, so....we are hoping that it is something else - something with a quick and simple 'fix'.

Allison is done with school for the summer - and regular school starts August 20th, I believe.  This is the only time of year I can truly relax in the mornings.  The only schedule to meet is mine.  I don't have to make sure Alli is up by a certain time, breakfast is started by a certain time, that she is dressed, teeth brushed, shoes on, backpack ready by a certain time.  Now, I can just literally get her out of bed and take her to daycare if I want to.  (I wouldn't, but I could!)  About the time I get used to the flexibility, school will start again.

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