Sunday, June 23, 2013

Woohoo!  AJ and I moved the rest of the dirt yesterday!  The only dirt left in the driveway now is the dirt that got tramped on around the edge of the pile when we were working with it.  We can probably move some of that out too, but the big pile is gone!  (Okay - the big pile in front of the house is gone - there is now a big pile of dirt in the garden - the dirt didn't go away, it just changed locations!)  I'm very happy that the neighbors are no longer looking at the big pile, wondering if we were ever going to do anything with it - now they just have the piles of dead tree limbs to wonder at.  Somehow, we never get everything cleaned up at one time.  Good thing our neighbors are not the type to turn us in to the HOA over the state of our yard!

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