Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The ants are winning.  Slowly but surely, they are invading the place.  Never a lot at once, never a lot in one place, but they are moving in.  First, they were around the sink.  No problem, I thought, they are just after water.  They will go back outside when we start watering outside.  They appeared sporadically after that - every few days I'd have a bunch somewhere around the sink.  Then, they came in the front door toward the birdcage.  (at least they were polite enough to use the front door!) Then, they started showing up on the kitchen counter.  Then, Sunday, they moved in a little more aggressively - I had a serious ant problem in the kitchen.  Mom and I were hunting them down and spraying their trails outside on the patio to hopefully keep them out of the house.  Monday morning, when I got up early to make chicken enchiladas, strawberry ice cream and cut up strawberries for angel food cake (birthday party/pot luck at the bank), they were in the cat food and on the refrigerator (and that was not a day I had a lot of time to be killing ants!).  This morning, they were on the couch, and the odd one is running around somewhere in the kitchen - once again, not in mass, just a stray ant here or there.  They are winning!  I think it is time for Terminex (or someone with more killing power then me!)  They are taunting me - every once in a while, one runs across my computer!!

It was a fun but busy weekend.  Saturday, Mom, Allison and I ran down to Citrus Heights to visit with some of Dad's cousins before they move to New Jersey (I think I had said South Carolina before).  It was a very nice visit - I got to hear family stories that I hadn't heard before.  Fun!  Alli was a perfect angel while we were there.  After that, we ran down to Fairfield to visit with Kris and my nephews - again, fun!  Lots of stories there too, talking about the kids when they were little!  Alli watched Pokemon movies the whole time there - she was pretty 'done' at that point,and was good with just sitting for a while.  The only problem we ran into was a yellow jacket sting on my foot right before we left - bummer!  (That, and hoards of bugs on the way home - I had to stop and wash my windshield off with bottled water on the way home - I could hardly see!)

We got in about 10:30 from Sac, and then Sunday morning, I was at the track at Shasta College for Relay for Life.  Dawn and I walked for a full three hours (plus a little more!)  I didn't count the laps, but I figured we did close to 10 miles.  (20 minute mile for 3 hours, plus a few more minutes)  About lap three, I decided that I should have worn my ankle brace, but....it was a little late by then.  I gimped around quite a bit the rest of the day, but not too bad by Monday.  When I got in from the walk, Mom and I ran in to town for some shopping.  She was able to kind what she was looking for even!  Sunday afternoon, Dawn and family came in for a BBQ.  A very full (but fun) day!

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