Tuesday, June 25, 2013

That rat picked the wrong garden to steal tomatoes from - Ralph caught one in his trap yesterday.  Never mess with Ralph's tomatoes!!!  (Now I get to try to pick the garden around rat traps - I bet I only forget they are there once!)

We woke up to a nice gentle rain this morning.  We had rain the night before, but it wasn't gentle - it was pouring!  This is the nice soft rain we usually get in the Spring - not June.  It is supposed to be back to 104 by Saturday, so I'm enjoying it while I can.

Alli had her dentist appointment yesterday.  We tried it last month and she was completely uncooperative.  Completely!  This time, Dr. Allen saw her personally.  She's had more experience with her, and had seen what happened last time.  Things went much better this time - no cavities that Dr. Allen could see (we wont even think about getting x-rays!) and she let her poke around in her mouth quite a bit.  My fault for letting her go so long between visits, but I'm glad this one went better.  Dr. Allen has also scheduled her for the hygienist that she had seen before - maybe that will work out better too!

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