Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dallas is home!!  We had an impromptu BBQ last night - starting with me sending AJ a text at 6:00 - "r u here for dinner?"  His response?  "What are we having?"  (He knows I hate that!  If you are hungry for dinner, it doesn't matter what I'm cooking!) "BBQ Pork, rice and veggies"  "Yeah we'll eat at our house"  me: "Margene too?" "Yeh".  The BBQ was on!  Pork chops, rice, corn on the cob, melon salad, marinated cucumbers (fresh from the garden) zucchini and bean stir fry medley (also fresh from the garden!).  Yumm!  Not much was left over either, so everyone else must have liked it too.  It was nice to visit with Margene, as well as talking with the boys.

Ralph has decided to camp out over night by the garden.....something is eating his tomatoes as they come ripe.  They ate two of them - one yellow and one red - from the bottom up, leaving the outer shell at the top.  Odd!  I told him to eat the ripe tomatoes while I was gone last weekend, but he waited too late, and has taken it as a personal attack.  I did get one ripe yellow tomato whole for him, but he is trying to figure out when he can stay up all night with a flashlight and watch the garden.

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