Friday, March 15, 2013

This week went whizzing by - where did it go?  

Tuesday was Alli's IEP - which went pretty well.  She met several of her goals this last year, which is a change (but....they were the same goals she has been working on for quite a while, too!)  They had to laugh at themselves - one of their goals backfired on them.  They wanted Allison to open the classroom doors by herself - the intent was that she would be 'helping' the teachers.  The reality - now that she opens the doors all by herself, she got upset in class the other day and walked out.  Not that she was ever unattended, but now they really have to watch her.  She just took a nice long walk (with the teacher) the other day - which calmed her down and she was great the rest of the day.  No one was sure what set her off, but she was definitely mad about something.  

Wednesday was book club.  The bookmarks went over well.  I had made a couple of 'extras' in purple - and they were the first to go.  Here they are, all pinned out.  I do like the purple ones.  I had one left over (which might go to Dawn, if she wants one) so I may make me a purple one!

Thursday was also a birthday/potluck at work, so I was baking a cake Wednesday morning, decorating it Wednesday night, and getting shredded pork ready on Thursday morning.  By last night, I was tired!!! All is good, we got through the week with everyone happy.  Tomorrow, Alli and I are off to Susanville for the weekend.

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