Friday, March 22, 2013

Progress so far on the afghan:

It's coming along nicely - not quickly, but nicely.  I got a couple of rows added last night - after no rows added for two days.  I hope to get quite a few rows added this weekend, to-do list is growing for this weekend already.

AJ is off on Spring break next week, and Dallas will be home from Pennsylvania.  I hope to get some yard work out of them - we'll see!  I really want to get the box gardens started. And, get the house clean, get some of the empty boxes out of the garage and re-arrange what is there, and work on my quilt, go for a bike ride (or two) plant some more flowers, and .....I think I just ran out of weekend already.  I think next week will have fewer activities after work, so I can work on some things during the week.  As I said before, we'll see!

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