Saturday, June 23, 2007

AJ is half-way through his trip. They are at Mesa Verde Park today, and then will move on to Moab, Utah this evening. He hasn't called recently - I assume there is no cell service, but it could be that he is still mad that I made him go on the trip!

Alli already has a new teacher at summer school. We got a call Wednesday from the GREAT Partnership coordinator (GREAT is Gateway, Redding, Enterprise, Anderson, and I don't know the T school districts combined for the special ed program) and were told (on answering machine) that she had a new teacher. I haven't talked to the new one yet. I meant to call from work, but got too busy on Thursday and Friday morning to call. The school office closes at 12:30, so I have to remember to call in the morning, and that is my busiest time at work. I wish they would call me at work when they try to get hold of me! Alli is having a few difficulties this summer that are unusual for her, sort of. She first had issues because her bus is the last one to get to school, so she stood on the sidewalk and watched everyone else get on a bus. That did not go over well. She kept trying to go get on a bus too. By the time her bus came, she was crying (and the bus driver didn't know why, but told the day car provider about it and everyone was upset thinking Alli had problems at school). An aide working with Alli wrote in her book the next day that the problem was because of the buses, and they were not going to take her outside until her bus came, so that should be solved. Then, on Thursday, when the bus driver went to unfasten Alli's seat belt, Alli hit her. Now we have issues with Alli not wanting to get OFF the bus too! I know most of this is because the summer school is completely different from regular school - different kids, different campus, different teacher and aides - and it will get better as the summer goes on, the time she gets "on schedule" with summer school, it will be over! Poor thing (and poor bus driver, teacher and aides!)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

AJ called last night - they were on their way to Zion National Park. They drove from here on Sunday to Yosemite, and spent the early evening, night and all day Monday there, and hiked the Glacier Trail. They left Yosemite early Tuesday morning and drove 600 miles to Zion's. They were still en route when AJ called, so I don't know what time they got there. They are hiking "The Narrows" today - weather permitting (no flash floods expected!?!?!?) Dad talked to AJ and he was having fun, I talked to AJ, and he started crying. Go figure! I told Ralph not to prompt him to talk to me anymore, wait until he asks to talk to me. Poor kid! He is still tired, and he probably won't catch up until he comes home.

Alli had a good horse therapy lesson Monday. She is now the only kid in the class, and they were ready and waiting for her when she got there. She had a good half hour of riding before she started getting tired. She still rode a bit after that, but they were watching for her to signal that she was done. What a change! The group is really working with us for this. I think they are doing too much for us, and should be charging us for private lessons, but they won't. I think we will have to start "contributing" to their fund raisers!

Alli has also been swimming everyday for a half hour or so - depending on my schedule. I swear I have to force her to go get her swim suit on and get in the pool, and then I can't get her out! Last night, I went swimming with her, and she had so much fun playing on me like I was a gym set! She loves for me to bounce her in the water, and then last night she found a new trick. I had my back to her, and she swam up to my back and started pulling me backwards, bouncing at the same time. She half drowned me, and laughed hysterically the whole time- she is mean! Ralph was laughing too - they are both out to get me! Ralph just told me it was her way of paying me back for all the times I pushed her into the pool. I don't think she moved in her bed after I tucked her in last night. She slept hard!

Monday, June 18, 2007

I guess things are back to "normal", for a couple of weeks at least. AJ is off touring until 6/30, and Alli started summer school today. Alli's school runs for four weeks, from 8:00 to 12:00. Her morning bus picks her up at 6:15, and her afternoon bus drops her at daycare at 1:40. That pretty much takes care of her day! She has horse therapy today too. Hopefully it goes better today than it has been going. This is her third week, and last week she didn't even get on the horse. The first week, they were running late, and she waited 15-20 minutes to get on the horse, and was very frustrated before she started. It was a short ride. The volunteers did not recognize her request to stop (waving bye-bye) and she finally had had enough and ended up kicking the horse. They got her off very quickly then, as the horse was ready to bolt. Last week, they made her wait almost 30 minutes, and she didn't even get on the horse. Ralph and the therapist had a long phone conversation that night, and they are each going to try to do something different (Ralph will come late instead of being there early) so maybe it will work better. Ralph also mentioned the possibility of him becoming a volunteer so he can help them with her. We shall see!

AJ is off to the wild wild west! Of course, things didn't go as planned for his "switch" from Washington DC trip to the Southwestern States trip. The paperwork I had from the teacher said they would be back around 11:15 or so Saturday night. But, if you read farther, it also said the plane was landing in Sacramento at 10:30. Needless to say, the 11:15 was probably a typo. I resigned myself to staying up until 1:00 to go pick him up, and then checked the plane schedule on-line. There was a two hour delay. AJ called at midnight, and they had landed, and were waiting on luggage. They got to the school at 2:55 a.m. (That would be 5:55 a.m for those travelers that were on Eastern time, and they had only gotten about 4 hours sleep the night before too, after taking a walking tour at 11:00 p.m.) AJ was exhausted. I took him home, and of course, he wanted to talk about his trip, so he didn't get to bed until 3:45 - and I made him go to bed then! He needed some of his clothes that he took on his trip for the SW tour, so I did a load of laundry, and waited for the washing machine to finish up before I went to bed, about 4:15. (If I had known he would be coming in so late, I would have just bought more clothes!) As I walked down the hall to go to bed, I heard Allison talking to herself. She was up! I don't think I caught more than a 15 minute cat nap after that. Now AJ and Mom were both exhausted!

I was up at 5:15 with Alli, and got AJ up at 7:00, and off to meet the scouts at 7:45. The scouts left town at 9:15, so for better or for worse, he is off! The first leg of the trip is a straight drive to Yosemite, so he has a good 6 hours to catch up on sleep, and I asked the leaders if they could let him sleep early at the first stop rather than "make" him go on the evening hike around the Yosemite Valley. I think he will perk up, but wanted to give the leaders a heads up that he was tired. He was so tired he was over-emotional. Talk about stressed out! He had a good time in Washington DC, but not in New York. He is not a city boy! Too many people!

I think I caught up on my sleep last night. I tried to go to bed when I put Alli down (8:15) but that didn't work out. Alli didn't go right to sleep, Ralph decided to go to bed then too, and other things kept waking me up, so I just got up completely until the house quieted down and I could go to sleep undisturbed! (Why did Ralph decide to go to bed then too? If I could have just had 5 minutes of quiet, and the knowledge that someone else was watching Alli, I could have been asleep! But no......I needed company! Granted, he was woken up frequently during the night too, but he went to bed at 10:00 on Saturday, and slept in until 7:40, and took a nap on Sunday. I know - enough whining!)

I did finish a doily this weekend, while trying to stay awake! It is about 18 inches across. I will go down to the fair today and pick up the doily I entered, so I will see if I took a ribbon or anything. I don't think I did, never know! I did not make it down to the fair to check out the competition. It would have been nice, but I kept weighing the cost factor along with the time factor. It is $5.00 to park at the fair and $7.00 to get in. Was it worth $12.00 just to dash in and see the entries? Did I want to drive down to Anderson after work in the heat? I didn't, so I will have to wait until this evening to see anything.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

AJ is back on the East Coast - and seems to be having fun. They were in Washington DC from Monday to today, and left for New York this morning. They saw all the war memorials, I think, as well as Arlington, the National Air & Space Museum, the Senate, and another museum, but I don't remember which one. AJ probably doesn't remember either! He told Ralph he had taken 400 pictures, and that was on Tuesday. I don't know all that they are planning on seeing in New York, but I know they are going to see Lion King on Broadway. Too much fun! AJ has been checking in each night, and seems to be in good spirits - getting more tired though!

I finished another doily - this one was very quick! I turned out about 12 inches across. Ralph helped me choose the colors too.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mission accomplished! I got the Guest House cleaned up yesterday, and it has "most" of the storage stuff out (now stored in my garage). There is still plenty that could come out, but enough is out you can use the desk in the living room, sit on the couch, etc. Stephanie is planning on moving in on Monday, so we are trading one kid for another. AJ leaves Monday morning (at 1:00 a.m.) so will be AJ-less for three weeks! Ralph is already missing him.

I get to take my doily to the fairgrounds today - I submitted one doily this year. I don't expect a lot from it. It is good work, but it isn't a "splashy" doily. Someone who knows crochet may be impressed, but anyone else may not be. A lot depends on what else is entered too, so we shall see. I guess I have to go to the fair this year to see - usually AJ checks it out for me, but not this year. I wonder if I can find someone to go with me? I may take an afternoon off and take Alli down. As long as it isn't crowded, she should be okay for a little while - just not a lot of walking! I may reconsider, and take the afternoon off and go by myself too!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Summer is here! No school for either kids today - though Alli's summer school starts in just over a week. Alli got up at her normal time this morning, even a little bit early. So much for Mom sleeping in! They both have today off, and then Monday, AJ leaves for Washington DC for a week, then for his boy scout tour. Alli starts summer school on 6/18. AJ went to Marine World yesterday with his 8th grade class. I think he had fun, but if you ask him, it was "OK". He will probably sleep until noon today, just because he can! He was out late Tuesday for scouts, Wednesday for graduation/bowling party, and then last night for his Marine World trip. He needs to sleep in! (He also needs to clean his room, pack for both trips, wash my car....)

Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's been a while since I posted - sorry! Life got busy on me - again! AJ graduated from 8th grade last night, and is off to Marine World today with his class. If you can find him in the class photo, he is on the right, 3rd row back, 3rd or 4th person from the right - I think. The graduation was very nice, just under an hour, and then the kids were off to the bowing alley for a couple of hours. They seemed to be having a blast when I dropped him off and when I picked him up!

I also finished a new doily - this one is about 21 inches across, unblocked. It will be larger once I block it!