Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sunday, after breaking camp, Margene and I hiked (most of) the Flume Trail.  This trail takes off from the Castle Crags State Park Headquarters and goes along the old flumes used to bring water in for gold mining.  It then joins the Pacific Crest Trail.  We made it up to the PCT junction, but not much further (it was hot!!!!)

Before we started the hike, we went up to the Vista Point - about the only place you can actually 'see' Castle Crags from the park.

Then....Flume Trail....

We found this guy hanging out in a tree, eating pine needles.


We did find one place on the trail to see the crags.....

Not the best picture of me (did I mention it was hot???  That was the beginning of our heat wave - 100 degrees in Dunsmuir that day....), but we made it to the PCT!

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