Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Saturday, after our walk/hike up to Middle Falls, we had a bit of lunch at the house, and then went to Squaw Creek trail, and hiked up to the Pacific Crest Trail.  Here's Squaw Creek:

This bridge is part of the Pacific Crest Trail - an offshoot that runs to Castella.  Our trail lead up to it and joined it at the bridge.

The trail needs some up-keep from winter - lots of trees are down on it.  We turned around on the trail when we came to this....

We stopped on the way back for a photo op......

We rewarded ourselves with pizza and beer at the local brewery afterwards - not the best idea we ever had.  The pizza was barely acceptable, but some of the beer wasn't even close to acceptable. Mine was 'okay' but Margene's was horrible - they had moved the keg that day, and still served it.  It was so full of yeast that hadn't settled after the move that it was a murky brown......we headed back to the house for lunch leftovers and wine.....a much better idea!

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