Sunday, January 22, 2017

I finally finished a hat for me!  I don't know how many of the "messy bun hats' I made - 20? At least that!  I don't wear my hair in a messy bun style (still too short!) but I do wear it in a ponytail now - and I found a pattern that has a slit up the back, buttons at the bottom,'s a ponytail hat that works for me! Every time I started to work on it, I got an order for a messy bun hat that I needed to do, so it took me forever to make a simple hat for me.  

As usual, I want to try a few more tweaks with the pattern -   I'm sure I could work up a few different variations.....and pardon the photo - next time I won't do it myself - selfies of the back of your head are hard to take - at least a "flattering photo" is - you should see the ones I didn't use!!!  (No, I take that back - you CAN'T see the ones I didn't use.....I didn't use them for a very good reason!)

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