Tuesday, January 31, 2017

After much procrastination, I finally started my monthly quilt club project.  I actually started is a couple of weeks ago, and came to a screeching halt.  The first step was easy = sew the bottom dark green lower grass together with the dark blue sky.  Got it!  The next step - cut out the upper grass section.  Epic fail.  I cut it out backwards.  Since it is a kit, I didn't have enough fabric to cut it again, so had to back to the quilt store.  I finally remembered to go in and get the fabric, and started over, but by then, I was so nervous about cutting out the applique parts I put it off.....

Finally, I started it, and once I got over the 'I'm doing it wrong again" fear, it went together pretty quickly.  I'm having issues with the instructions - I read and read and read them, then go on to the next step, and it refers to something I should have done in the last step that I didn't see!  (Mainly because it wasn't in the step - you have to read the entire page of instructions to get everything.)  I't all a learning experience!

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